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It was my first time……..’Fashion Exposed’.
3 days at the Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour. I only wanted to close the shop for one day so I decided to make Sunday the whole day visit and half Monday. My bright idea was to catch the train, first class over night and be in Sydney bright and early. I can sleep pretty much anywhere so first class shouldn’t be any problem I thought. However as it turned out, someone decided that working on the railroad was needed on that exact night. We all ended up seated on a coach. To keep it short, that was a looong night. Finally fell asleep through sheer exhaustion at 3 am. I wasn’t a pretty sight coming of that coach but after a morning routine at Central, I was ready for a hectic day.At least 1500 businesses/labels/designers displayed their craft through the 5 halls. In the shoe department alone it seemed a few million shoes in every colour and design imaginable, had landed. I am thankful I wasn’t after shoes, I wouldn’t know where to start.I did know where to start though. I was keen to visit Bodypeace and see their new colours and designs and I also wanted to meet the girls at EcoDiva (think silk kaftans). Apart from that I was hoping to find organic cotton somewhere.  I had already checked out most businesses on line and not found a word on organic, sustainable or eco of any kind. But acting out of optimism or just plain stupidity I thought it would be worth a try.


I had no trouble finding Anna and Satisha at Bodypeace. New colours! So exciting!
Anna has also excelled in some new designs that I think will work very well. I went through all of them and ended up coming back the following day to try on all the new garments. Some favourites there. The new blue is so me, love it!!!
Here’s Anna from Bodypeace being her lovely self.
I spend hours every week searching the world for anything ecofriendly and certainly bamboo.  I think Anna is doing and will continue to do really well, in Australia as well as the rest of the world.
I wish her all the best with her still emerging business.

After placing an order with Anna at Bodypeace I went looking for Ecodiva, found them. Some new designs and colours there as well. Ecodiva is an even newer label than Bodypeace. They are also all about fair labour which makes me happy. Ruby and Katie started up less than two years ago. I was really blessed to find them before the expo since Greenroom Gallery now will stock Ecodiva exclusively for this region.
The silk kaftans/kimonos are colourful and versatile. You can dress anything up with these. They look great on all different shapes and sizes. I still haven’t bought one for me but I will. I’m just having trouble deciding on a colour.
For winter, Ecodiva has got some double thickness tunics and pants in the modal. Soft and warm!

Beautiful Eco Divas!

I pulled myself away. Time for mini seminars. I went to quite a few on merchandising, layout, social networking, more merchandising and on it went. Between all the listening sessions, I went looking for organic cotton. Occasionally I saw a label that looked lovely. Being the tactile me I would have to have a feel. As the representative/owner of the label would come and say hello, I would ask if by any chance they did an organic cotton  range. I got everything from looks of disbelief that someone would ask something so ridiculous, to  “well, it’s cotton what do you mean” to one lady who proclaimed “apparently they use more pesticides than usual to make it organic”.  I actually felt ridiculous. No one had any idea of what I was talking about. There was a lot of cotton but none of it was organically grown, that became painfully obvious.
Now, I don’t want you to think I am intentionally having a go at the people I met. For me personally, I can’t do conventional cotton anymore, not after finding out how much pesticides are used on the crops. However only a few years ago I was as ignorant as any of them. My mother-in-law used to make me wash anything new that she had bought for us. “There’s pesticides in them you know” she would say and I would roll my eyes but oblige. I don’t know how much can be washed out and possibly the worst chemicals are the ones that get sprayed on the growing cotton plant and ends up in nature but my mother-in-law was right about the chemicals.Back at ‘Fashion Exposed’  I had mixed feelings by the end of the day. I felt slightly overwhelmed by so much clothing in one spot. Especially when most of it is fast fashion, in today and out tomorrow. But I must also admit, it was a show case of colour, design and innovation from clothes to shoes to bags to jewellery.I walked to my hotel room, got some indian take away and fell asleep to a  program on SBS on the universal source code. Don’t you hate that, when there’s an interesting program that you’ve been wanting to watch for a week ………..and you can’t keep your eyes open.
Spent the rest of the day with a friend and a long lunch at QVB before the slightly bumpy flight home.