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I don’t know how International Women’s Day, today 8th March, came about in the first place but it made me think about women in general and in particular women that inspire us, you, me. Is there one woman who truly inspires you?

At Greenroom Gallery I have the privilege to meet and talk with women from all walks of life. From uni students and young mothers, to middle aged mums like myself who have survived decades of housework and careers, and come out the other end of teenagers, to retired ladies with tongue in cheek and lots of laughter.  I get to hear about the tragedies and the triumphs. I am amazed at the stubborn resilience to obstacles and the optimistic approach to life. Greenroom is visited by women who sail the globe, start charities, build orphanages, love kids, love life, leave jobs and security to travel all alone, women who start afresh at 40, 50 or 60, who refuse to retire, refuse to give up, who fight illness, fight injustice, women who build houses, make homes, create gardens, grow vegetables,  grow vineyards, start businesses, work tirelessly, give generously, women who persist, encourage, care, women who are great mums, great friends, great customers, women who dance, cook, laugh, paint, photograph, sew, sing,write, read, play music, act, study, teach, tell jokes…..and more……..with passion. Some of these women come in on a regular basis some I have only met once as they were passing through. But ladies, you make my day, you so inspire me.

Here’s another woman who inspires, Janine who started ‘Destiny Haven’ where women who have lost their footing, been stuck in addiction or abuse can find the help and support they need for a fresh start. http://www.destinyhaven.org.au/.

Another Janine, friend of mine who started  ‘Empower for life ‘ in India http://www.coffscoastadvocate.com.au/story/2012/03/07/its-all-about-empowering-indias-poor/

And Debbie who has started  ‘every1matters’ blog to raise awareness for ‘Mercy House ‘ in Kenya, that is helping young mothers and mothers to be. http://every1matters.wordpress.com/what-is-the-sunflower-effect/

And here are two inspiring women from Rhwanda, Emilienne and Therese, who against the odds started their own business to create a future for their families. http://www.africa.com/blog/blog,rwandan_women_weave_their_way_into_success,573.html

Today I will ring my mum in Sweden, give a small donation to ‘Mercy House’ chat with my two daughters and be thankful that roughly half of the worlds population are women.

Who’s the woman or who are the women that inspire you?