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It’s not always easy to know where one journey ends and a new begins, when an idea first springs to mind or when your daily grind and growth starts to mold the future.

Following are some of the instrumental and/or accidental parts of the move towards greenroom. We have been self employed for more than two decades, we love being independent and having a go. Wayne has always wanted to spend time painting, only life with family got in the way for a long time. I have been interested in fashion and design since my teens. We love nature, have plenty of energy. Wayne’s finally got into painting what he loves, the ocean. I was already keen on organic fruit and veges and finally realised a lot about fibres and the fashion industry. We love small business. We are both very creative. I really was ready for a break from the bear artistry, 8 years working from home. We had done the markets for a while and was over the packing and unpacking every weekend. His art was selling and so when this little shop space on the promenade in Coffs Harbour came up we thought, why not!

Who in their right mind would start up a small boutique/gallery in the worst year in fifty years to start up retail? It may well be that we were not in our right mind since we did just that in 2010.

This is two pics from the first day we came to check out the space. May 2010