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We needed a name for our business. A name is always a challenge, if it’s a baby or a shop matters little. (As it turns out the shop becomes the baby anyway). After sounding out things like ‘Green Feet’ ‘Eco this and that’ , I thought of ‘Greenroom’.  I wanted greenroom. Chewed on the name for a while. When I finally found myself in the office of Department of Fair Trading, with my form filled in. It was rejected. If we added gallery there was no problem, so I did.

I have never surfed much……..actually you can count the times I have tried to surf on one hand and maybe a couple of fingers more. I won’t reveal how many decades but Wayne has now surfed for a very long time.  And our three kids have taken after dad. Greenroom is a word for the curl inside a breaking wave. I have never made it there but the rest of the family have taken turns to experience what must be a pretty amazing feeling. Does time stand still in there I wonder. I am going to ask Wayne…..won’t be a minute. (two minutes later)  I have just asked Wayne. Yes, I am right, it does feel like time stands still. He also added that it feels like a water tunnel, hm not very profound. And he just called out, that you feel like you’re in your own world. There you go.

Anyway, we had a standing comment in our household while the kids were growing up, ‘See ya, in the greenroom, you lookin’ in, me lookin’ out’. Of course I was always on the receiving end of that phrase while the rest of the family members could enthusiastically take turns dishing it out to each other. It’s a very friendly way of announcing that you’ll be getting the better wave, next time you’re in the surf. Not only that, you will be in the better wave. To be in the greenroom is a ‘good-vibe-good-time-good-feel-kind-of-a-thing’.

Greenroom naturally relates to Wayne’s art, the colours the waves. Greenroom is also about making room for green, hopefully a better wave for a better future.

Many of our visitors say that the art, the colours, the lovely fragrance (that’s the beeswax candles and the botanical perfumes) creates a feel good place.  I think there may be some good vibes in the greenroom even if time doesn’t stand still.