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Sunday morning, my day off. So much to do on this gorgeous blue sky, fresh air, autumn day. After 3 hours on my laptop, researching, I need to get on with chores but first I am making myself accountable. You see, I have been meaning to write about colours for a while. It’s very much about colour in the greenroom, not a lot of pattern but lots of colour. You (customers) and I talk colour all the time. Most of you know what you like and don’t like. Some are unsure of what you look good in and some of you are ready for change. Colour can energize and colour can drain. It is quite interesting how it works. Greenroom is not really about the latest fashion, it’s about slow fashion, finding timeless basics that work, that compliments. Colour is very much part of that. For me personally it’s not important what colour is the season’s fashionable  ‘in’. What matters is that the colours you wear make you feel your best.

I am not a credited colour consultant but I have a natural sense for colour, what works and doesn’t work. I am also ever learning and will try to make sense of it all in upcoming blog entries.

The neutral black is more popular than any colour so I am going to start with black. Most of you are trying to get away from black and most of you walk out with black. I now have more black in my wardrobe than I ever have. Keep an eye out for the next blog entry, hopefully in a couple of days. Enjoy your sunday! 🙂