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So I have started this thing on colour and first up is black. I have pondered in the last few days on if black is a colour or not. Of course others have also pondered and solved this mystery.  The answer is yes and no and it makes perfect sense.

(LEFT) If we talk about black as in light. No, black is not a colour. White of course in this context is a colour. In fact it is every colour there is.

(RIGHT) If we talk about black as in printing ink. Yes, black is certainly a colour. In fact it is every colour and here it turns out white is not. This is applicable in artist’s pigment as well.

In respect to vision and reflection it’s back to a big NO, black is not a colour. Black absorbs all colours but reflects none. White still gets a yes because it reflects all colours.

In the fashion world neither black or white is a colour. They join forces with grey to be the neutrals.

These are standard comments in our shop ‘Oh no, not black I have so much black in my wardrobe’ or ‘I am trying to get away from black’. Not surprising half an hour later, the customer walks out with black in the bag. Black is like the peripheral friend who you find a little predictable and would rather not hang around or whom you’ve been told you shouldn’t rather hang around, but who is the only one that makes you feel good about yourself. That’s because…….

Black creates shades and shadows and apart from hiding food stains really well, it is slimming. Slimming is usually do-able. After sometime in retail I can truly say that women, all women, think they should be a little slimmer. I can remember one exception, a lovely lady from Melbourne refreshingly comfortable in her skin. Yes, she does wear a lot of black but that’s a Melbourne thing.

Black is a great back drop for other colours in fact any colour that takes your fancy. Yes, you can even wear brown or navy with black. Personally I think the softer pastels work the least with black.

There is a darker side to black though. It may flatter the body but what will it do to your face. If you have a cool skin tone it works but if you have warm skin tone or olive, black close to your face tends to emphasize any dark areas such as under the eyes, drain the warm tones and make you look tired. Younger people who haven’t yet had to embrace wrinkles and other facial peculiarities due to life, usually handle black near their faces better.

A few points when wearing black.

* It’s better not to mix different blacks together. Black skirt with a tint of purple may matched with a black top with a tint of brown, look a little sad.

* Wearing one colour in two pieces is flattering so just make sure the two blacks are in fact the same black.

* If black is too hard on your face, wear a lower neckline, add a scarf,jewellery or a coloured top under, that shows.

* Wear black on the bottom and anywhere you want to slim down. Wear colours everywhere else.

* Break the black up with a little white.

* If black feels to stark, go for charcoal, indigo, dark brown or navy blue.

* If your body looks good in black, good for you.

Next up was planned to be colours but I will make a detour and pass by skin tones first.