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After two days of intense painting, late take away meals and no sleep, we cleaned ourselves up and prepared for the art to hang. The hanging system was pretty easy to set up and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to hang paintings in their home or office and need some flexibility to change them around at times. With a proper hanging system you don’t need to worry about holes in the walls cause there will be none.

art by wayne french going up on our walls

We had decided to display the art on its own for a few weeks and bit by bit add clothing and gifts. I am glad that we did it this way.

That meant I had time to sit by a tidy counter and plan my next move……

Charlotte by a very tidy counter

…..wash windows meditatively………

Washing windows

…..and photograph our very first visitors with the artist himself………….

First visitorsWe were enjoying having our very own art gallery and there was truly plenty of space to swing anything.

We had our opening night on the 1st of August and managed to squeeze about 50 guests in the greenroom. That afternoon we had frantically put together a white painted ‘Ivar’ from IKEA and added some selected bamboo wear to the colourful art.

opening night at greenroom gallery

opening night at greengoom gallery

‘Green Reef’ was our first painting to be sold through our gallery. It was purchased by a local collector on the night.

Green Reef