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I used to think it was something for the elderly and air hostesses, scarves. The only time you’d see one around my neck was in the middle of winter. We’re talking Swedish winter a’ la 20 degrees below zero. The only one I remember was a knitted wool one, in all the left over colours from my mum’s knitting basket. I have no idea who knitted it. Most likely my mum who’s a ‘knitting-machine’. She’ll watch TV, read a book and super-speed-knit the European way only stopping to count every so often. The wool scarf was without any Australian exaggeration needed, well over 8foot so it went a few times around my neck and kept me very warm.But apart from this mammoth scarf I didn’t wear one again, until I made my way to the Opera House Markets, Sydney in the early 2000. I’d take a bus from little Woolgoolga 11pm at night, with a suitcase full of my handmade kangaroos and koalas. The bus would pull in at Central station at an ungodly hour of the Sunday morning. I’d take the train down to Circular Key and start setting up by 7am. It was freezing at this time of the year. You didn’t really thaw until midday. I only went once without a scarf.

Scarves in wool woven and embroidered

Once I had got that first wrap around as an adult, I realised what an incredible invention it is. I got myself another one as a back up and then another one. I am not a hoarder by nature but as it turns out I now have a decent collection of scarves. I am addicted to having a warm neck. My addiction manifests around March and doesn’t fade away until early November.

So if you are like me and love your scarves but maybe you’re in need of a few new ideas of how to wear them….check out this link below. A fantastic short youtube clip by Wendy’s Lookbook. Hope you like it as much as I do.

25 ways to wear a scarf

In the Greenroom, we stock bamboo, merino woo, silk and hemp scarves and thankfully my suppliers let me stock up as often as I need since I am not alone in my addiction to this fun accessory.

This is my newly found favourite from the you tube Click, ‘The Magic Trick’ and the scarf I bought of Krishna Ellis a few years ago. We stock her nuno felted wool/silk scarves. Which of the 25 ways has taken your fancy?

Ps. Notice my hand warmers by local artist. Let me know if you need a pair and I’ll forward her details.