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Being a small business owner in Australia I have found at least twice in a year that the champagne should pop its cork. The huge gap between the exit of 30th June and the entry of 1st of July the new financial year, is a leap of joy. The 52 week pile of paperwork will of course be dealt with in due time but it can be pulled out of the filing cabinet and placed in a large enough box for a couple of weeks.  I can think reasonably clear again. I know that there’s work to do, to finish off, balance the numbers and tidy up before I can dump it on our accountant. (actually directly after dumping paperwork it’s time to celebrate again). Empty files in my cabinet is like suddenly having a really good hair day, both rare and exhilerating. I love the feeling of a new start, a new beginning and a new fresh attempt to do better than I did the year just past. 11/12 already seems old and tired and long gone. I think 12/13 rings fresh and exciting, young and restless to get going. We’re nearly a couple of weeks into it and it feels good. Happy new financial year

We have passed our first two years in business which feels like a milestone. You may have been part of this time in our lives, part of the greenroom adventure. A big thanks from Wayne and I. We appreciate you so much for giving us a chance.

I hope you celebrate your own milestones, the big gaps, the small ditches, old things passed and new ground under your feet.

woooohooo, 12/13 here we come.

Have you ever had a sense of taking a leap into something different?