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I never used to tell my kids they couldn’t draw on their hands with pens. That’s because I knew, as every mum knows, mums must lead by example and my left hand has been my to-do-list-apparatus for a long time. Now running greenroom, my hand just isn’t big enough for all the different tasks that need prompt engraving somewhere so as not to be forgotten indefinitely or randomly remembered long after it’s useful to do so. I have therefore extended my repertoire to the digital calendar that apple provides, my lovely calendar with sunsets and affirmations, a collection of free notepads already cluttered with advertising, sticky notes and old envelopes out of the paper basket. These endless lists are there to keep me on track but I sometimes feel as if I am running around in circles forever trying to get things done.

The other day, I sat down and wrote down everything I could think of that I have achieved in the last two years. Things I have learned how to do, all the tasks I have kept myself busy with, the people I have seen, labels I have taken on, books and articles I have read, all the new stuff that used to freak me out that I now know how to do.
Everyone is promoting that we should live in the moment in the now. Great idea! (Believe me I try to practice this at least twice a day). For us task orientated people who are always busy and finding that very thing tricky, it can be equally uplifting to cheer yourself up with a ‘ I-diddeli-do-it ‘ list.