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Wayne and I reside in an icebox, at least in winter. We are still contemplating a fire place of some sort and have been for 12 years now. We’ll get around to it eventually. How does one keep warm in this country I wonder, being of Nordic descent and grown up on central heating and insulated walls. Oh, that’s right you get double socks on your feet, beanie and scarf to match and you go to bed straight after dinner. My bed became my office around June. 3 extra pillows, laptop, glasses, notebook and a hot chai. Great for heat retention not so good for lower back.

But of course all good things must come in the end and spring is about to dawn upon us. It’s the same feeling of relief every year, we did it, I did it, I prevailed through another Australian winter. I think spring is worth a welcoming and all our neigbours on The Promenade agree with me.  But we are not just welcoming spring, we are welcoming you to come out and enjoy the sun, great music, nice surroundings, spring fashion, food and drink among good friends and good vibes by the creek of  Coffs.

If we all have a fun time then it is mission accomplished.

See you on the Promenade


Our spring fashion will be on about 11am on the boardwalk.