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I’ve been occupied for a while with our ‘Spring into life’ project. There’s been planning, sourcing, buying, communicating, considering, changing, changing again, graphic designing, advertising, no sleeping, worrying, letter dropping, facebooking, newslettering  and laughing all in a big cauldron brew.

After one last sleep deprived week, first of September was finally here with an early start.

Wayne got busy setting up his art

I got busy with mine……

A picture of the calm before the storm

The white chairs lined the boardwalk, the band was setting up. My models were arriving to get ready. 5 dear friends that had said yes, in a moment of weakness. They got sent out in different directions for hair and make up while customers were coming and going, mainly coming.

Greenroom is a tiny, tiny shop, half a dozen customers simultaneously and it’s crowded. I had organised the shop as well as I could. Pretty much all the art was out with Wayne to make room for us. My, desperate-measures-needed-thank-God-for-tiny-wheels-under-shopfitstand-idea, second changeroom was the hiding place for the models garments and also loaded with  bags, bags, bags. Models come with bags apparently and big ones.

My original plan was to close the shop for 45 minutes, during fashion show, so we could do our changes of clothes in private and get sorted in peace. That didn’t work out. I had a boutique filled with customers wanting my attention, models undressing in every corner. I was getting dressed, looking for shoes, struggling with jewellery while serving customers. And you can ask my gorgeous, long suffering and gracious model friends about the last couple of minutes when I was trying to explain which way around the walkway. I vaguely remember them telling me to breathe, breathe…….no Lotta a slow breath, take a biiiiiig slow breath. No, you’re not breathing.

And then we went out.

Sharee is wearing a dress in tencel and Lauren and myself are wearing hemp dresses.

Susie is in a bamboo kaftan and the scarf is merino wool.

Lindy is wearing bamboo, pants with an overlay tunic and a silk chiffon kaftan.

Christina is dressed in modal and silk chiffon

The crowd was great, cheering and smiling, Coastal Soul set the pace. Every shop had a first and then a second round. So when we came in from our first walk we had to quickly change into the next outfit and wait for our second turn. The funny thing was, we had customers coming in wanting to buy what they had just seen and no it couldn’t wait. I managed to guide them back out promising I put the garments on hold.

Here we are after the second round, everyone dressed in the gorgeous hand painted silk chiffon kaftans and kimonos. Two minutes after this photo was taken, our shop was jam-packed with customers. I have no photo to show you because I was run of my feet serving and helping. It was messy, noisy, chaotic and loads of fun.

You can’t have your very first fashion parade without a flash-mob zumba. My gorgeous zumba teacher, Mariette had come down to lead us all. I was behind the counter with a line up of customers when I heard the music come on. The shop owner left the customers with a ‘ooops sorry back in a minute, I gotta zumba’.

You can’t see me on this video clip by Patricio but I am there at the back outside greenroom, having a ball.

The zumba was a success. ( If you want to join us, Mariette teaches at Genesis Fitness, at Coffs Coast Health Club and a class at Korora Primary School. )

Coastal Soul kept playing until 1pm while Shearwater Restaurant and Mangrove Jack’s brought out free food samples. The sun kept shining of course. The ‘Spring’ project was always gonna be about fun, colour, friends, good vibes and saying goodbye to winter. I think we did just that.

A big thanks to Gail (Hair at the Promenade) for doing our hair and Beauty on the Promenade for make-up, to Just Joyce for the gorgeous flowers in our hair, to Coastal Soul for awesome music, to everyone that made it down to The Promenade.

The other shops are Retreat Day Spa, Seasons Boutique, Sensara, Melanie Jayne and Kennedy Jewellers.

A really big thanks to my models Lauren, Suzy, Christina, Sharee and Lindy.