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It’s been 25 days now.

I own a small business, it’s my baby, it’s 24/7.

I had 835 days of non-stop greenroom and then it stopped.

How did I get here, how did I herniate a disc. Well, the short answer is I lifted a table. The long one is, I did 10 years of running, 8 years of sitting creating teddy bears, 2 years of standing in shop, 18 months of zumba without stretching, 3 months of sitting in bed working (during winter) and then I lifted a table.

I heard something snap, fall out, get whacked or pop and I felt a pain suddenly throbbing in my lumbar spine. 10 days later escaped nucleus got too intimate with the nerve which brought pain to a brand new level all together.

After hospital visits, CT scan and stocking up on pharmaceutical, I realised that while I have to wait for the MRI and meeting Mr neurosurgeon, the world doesn’t fall apart.

I called a good friend, Lindy who enthusiastically stepped into my boutique shoes.

 I created an office with everything at arms length…..

The news got out and my friends jumped to this unexpected window of opportunity to fatten me in time for the festive season, bringing chocolates and cakes and all kinds of food with high GI.

This is me after the first week…….

I managed to untangle the hair nest, put my elevated foot down and plead, no more sweets please, can we just do coffee. Apart from coffee shared in my new office, I have also received all kinds of flowers, healthy dinners, domestic service, laughter, sweet texts, phone calls, funny emails, good advice, fat books, thin books, cards and a magic Moroccan green lipstick.

Yesterday a good friend gave me a lift to our local, heated pool. It was so lovely to float around weightless for a whole hour, loved it!

………I can walk upright but any longer than 15 minutes and the pain comes back…..

I have learned an awful lot about spines especially the lumber part. I now know what I have done wrong all these years. Thank you Sarah Key and good friends Sally & Dave who dropped Sarah’s book on my lap ‘Back Sufferers Bible’

Greenroom Gallery is still open Monday to  Saturday. Lindy has been amazing. She loves what we do and has been a great customer right from the beginning. Emma (our eldest) has come home to help us out and is learning quickly.
You can read about our new shop assistants here.

I am on a detour. I didn’t ask for it. I would prefer if I wasn’t on it but I decided from the start that I would not give up what I  can control which is my attitude so I am doing my best with that.

In 8 days I will know a bit more of what comes next.

And finally if you have a spine, I recommend you Sarah Key talking passionately about this amazing part of our body, how it works and what we can do to help.