I have been very quiet for a while, haven’t had energy for the blog, the website and a cluster of normal day to day commitments. Pain can have that effect on you.

Here’s a pic taken a few days before my operation while I was still running an office from home. Here I am receiving a box with ONE SEED perfumes, that I stubbornly Christmas wrapped myself before forwarding it on to Greenroom Gallery.


And here is some of my stubbornly wrapped gifts. Because I had to stand up (used the ironing board as a table) while ‘walking’ my feet on the spot, I did end up in dreadful pain but for me it was still worth it.


After two months in bed, on the 10th of December I finally had my Operation-Disc-Day. Friends kept asking me if I was nervous but I was only excited. The last few weeks leading up to the op, my overall pain had increased and I was back on Endone ( some kind of morphine mix and apparently quite addictive) so for me it was going to be a day of new beginning. I had met with the neurosurgeon Dr Siu and decided I totally trusted him. From the moment I was able to lay down in a bed at Baringa hospital I was in 7th heaven. Got to chat with Dr Blaxland the anaesthetist  and had total trust in him as well. Wayne had to go to work but I was so well looked after. All the nurses and the assistants were lovely.  I had a minute to myself under the warm blankets before I was about to be rolled into the theater and a wave of gratitude came over me, I got all teary. I felt so thankful that I live in a country where you can get expert help, I felt so privileged. By the time I got into the buzzing theater where it was all happening, you couldn’t wipe the smile of my face. All these people in there, with Dr Siu in the lead were going to fix me. It was one of those moments in my life that I will never forget.
I loved every minute of it, it was exciting and promising and only positive. Of course before I knew it, I was waking up a little drowsy and a little silly in the head to say the least. Wayne and Emma where there waiting and I remembered that we laughed a lot. After they left I had a long night of random sleeps, TV watching, reading and blood pressure checks.

I got to go home the next day, my leg was instantly fine and I only had back pain from the op. My friend Linda, picked me up, I was high on Endone and life, so we went down to the Promenade and had a standing coffee with Emma.


But what goes up must come down and down I came.


I had no more Endone left at home so that had to come out of my system. It was a 5 day roller coaster ride, emotionally and physically. It was horrible.

to be continued…………………………..