7 weeks ago, I had the microdiscectomy which was a success and the one thing that I truly enjoyed. However my expectations of recovery were lacking insight and little did I know that the trial wasn’t over yet.

We had new art to hang and so we did make it into Greenroom finally a week after my op.


Wayne and Marius organised art while I tried to help Emma with moving items around.


But most of the time I rested my body on the bed we brought along, keeping an eye on the workers.

1getthatpillowThat little afternoon outing seemed fine. I was on a lot of pain killers of course which can maybe give you a false sense of security. I had a few days rest but was getting anxious to get into the shop again.

Here is my first working day after the op, a few days before Christmas. I was jam-packed with drugs and determination. It’s all a blur now but I think Lindy and all customers were gracious to put up with my highly strung persona.


I did a second working shift with Emma the following day and then came crushing down. I stayed in bed after that and started using common sense as my last resort.

Christmas was my ice pack discovery. Brilliant !
In the lead up to New Years Eve, I was getting a lot of pain around my sacroilliac joint and ended up escorted to hospital via ambulance, also a first and not all together unpleasant experience. They couldn’t help me but I got stronger pills, a new MRI referral and the revisit to my neurosurgeon got put forward.

I was by now behaving very well 24/7. I did a few attempts to float in any pool I could get to and do my core exercises. With my new MRI in hand I finally made it back to Dr Siu. The comparison between the two MRI’s were amazing. This second one showed a very free clear nerve where on the previous one you could only see a grey blur of nucleus. Yes, the op was successful. I never doubted that Dr Siu would do a great job.  My problems are most likely related to the fact that I was bed bound for 2 months.

It is a shame that the waiting for operations can go for so long in this country but at least I was able to have one and for that I am very thankful.

So finally a week ago I made it into the shop which was a good feeling and I will try to get back to the usual schedule from this week so that Emma can get back to her own life again.


Here I am holding one of Queen B’s little angels in my hand. I have to say that my daughter Emma has been a little angel herself, coming to our rescue and so has Lindy, who is now packing up her house and getting ready to travel to places far, far away.

I have had a taste of pain, of frustration, of waiting and so forth. But I have people in my life that are facing challenges that makes my ordeal look like a ‘walk in the park’ and my prayers and thoughts are with them.