At Greenroom Gallery we stock quite a few smaller labels and Echo Verde is becoming a favourite with their gorgeous knitted tops and cardigans. Echo Verde is a Canadian label that really fits well in with our own idea of ethical fashion. Jane who started the label in 2009 works closely with smaller family owned businesses in China. She keeps Echo Verde transparent to her customers and retailers. After a couple of decades in the fashion industry, Jane has a great understanding and commitment to doing things a better way.


The garments are of course made under fair work regulations according to Fair Labour Association which are as follows:  voluntary employment, no child labor, freedom of association, fair and equal treatment, nondiscrimination, compensation, reasonable hours of work, overtime, and health and safety.

Jane is also very particular with the fibres. The cotton is always organically grown as is the bamboo and hemp. The soy fibre always comes from waste and the processing is all recycled so no effluent is released. Echo Verde use a factory that has certified waste-water treatment and recycles one part of the manufacturing process. Bleaching is avoided and low dye is preferred.

Jane stays true to her vision in everything she does, not only with the garments but also with packaging and promotional material. The cute swing tags are completely biodegradable, cut from the bamboo stalk which is a waste from the cane furniture industry. The image is laser cut into the tag so no chemicals or inks are used. The garment labels are made from organic cotton and the printing is done with low impact inks. All packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled paper. The catalog is not printed but emailed on-line.

I am very pleased that I found Jane. I haven’t met her in person yet, hopefully one day I will.