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At Greenroom Gallery we don’t claim to have the latest fashion from whatever city in the world, if we did we would have missed the point, our point of difference. We do so-called, ‘slow fashion’. We believe in finding your colours, the ones that make you look healthy and happy, the ones that don’t wear you. We want to offer comfortable clothes that you can dress up or down, timeless styles, simple feminine lines that flatter. We don’t do a lot of patterns for this reason. We keep it simple. You can build your wardrobe with basics that work.

This morning, a lovely customer of mine came in to get herself another pair of straight bamboo pants in black……..apparently she lives in them and need a second pair. This lady also got herself a bamboo tunic in burned orange and a modal swingtop in cobalt blue. Three basics that she will wear again and again.

We are individuals with our own taste and most of us know what we feel good in and when you feel good you usually look good. To dress for me is about being myself.

Do you dress to be yourself?