I like colours, love colours ……. if wearing black will accessorize with colours. I match colours, I think it through ….. what goes with this and that. I also put less likely colours together and I think, get away with it most of the time.


My youngest does something completely different and she, without a doubt, gets away with it. Hannah puts together patterns that clash, odd bits with other odd bits.

While we were in Sweden, Hannah got stopped in her shop-browsing-tracks with her sister,  by a swedish blogger, Rebecca Berqvist. Rebecca was out chasing young ‘fashionistas’ for a fashion-blog competition. This is what my daughter looked like on the day and below is what Rebecca wrote.


Hannah French
En jätte härlig tjej från Australien som hade en skön backpacker-look med en krydda indie/bohem. Hennes kläder hade gjort sig bättre med en finare bakgrund men ville inte tvinga ut henne när hon var och shoppade med sin vännina som inte heller kunde prata svenska. Jag fastnade för hennes look för att hon blandade flera olika mönster och fick det att flyta ihop på ett fint sätt. (Märkte inte tatueringarna på tårna tills nu när jag gjorde om bilden, så tuff tjej!)

Translation for Hanna: A very lovely girl from Australia who had a nice backpacker-look with an indie/bohem flavor. Her clothes had done better with a fancy background but I did not want to force her out when she was shopping with her ​​friend who also could not speak Swedish. I fell for her look because she mixed several different patterns and got it to flow together in a nice way. (Did not notice the tattoos on her toes until now when I edited the image, so cool girl!)

Yes, mum did also notice the toe tattoo’s, which she had assumed were just daughter’s own scribbles. Hmm!

Rebecca then did a short interview, asking Hannah about the labels she was wearing. All op-shop stuff so no labels to mention …. except of course her Sseko Sandals from Greenroom Gallery.